The video-installation Tabula Rasa projects identical images on the walls of a confined space, seeking to fill the spectators’ field of vision when entering the premises. The video runs in a loop and lasts 18 minutes.

In Latin, Tabula Rasa means blank slate. In philosophical theory this means that individuals are without mental content at birth, and that our sensations and experiences after birth forms our knowledge and personality.

The video Tabula Rasa attempts to visualize the infants early sensations. It shows abstract images of colours and textures. The soundtrack reproduces the childs’ verbal communication of babbling, giggling and crying, and is supported with music by the composer Julian Skar, specifically composed for this art project.

Rather than an attempt to initiate an intellectual debate about the influence of heritage and environment, I have wanted to invite the spectator to a purely sensational experience, which might also trigger one’s personal experiences and emotions.

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