Dr. Labrador from University of Hawai'i and Geo from Blue Scholars discuss topics concerning social identity and activism. Dr. Labrador's talk focuses on how 'identities are socially construted and affected by location and time.' He connects to the content of his presentation from his own personal experiences, being a Filipino born in Philippines, raised in California and living in Hawai'i as an adult. Identity construction and identity struggles are focal points in the discussion, and is actually relevant to Pacific University, particularly since students from the mainland and students from Hawai'i encounter new perspectives that differed from those they previously held towards each other.

The second discussion comes from Geo from Blue Scholars. Geo has also had problems with identity and as a son of Filipino immigrants who have lived in Hawai'i and various parts of the west coast. Through Blue Scholars, Geo spreads his message of empowering marginalized groups, diversity, and social justice. Geo's talk focuses on social activism and how students can become active members in the communities and social movements that ehy share a passion for. Geo discusses struggles and triumphs of being socially active in the hope that other students become inspired and be a part of their community.

Sponsored by:

Department of Scoiology, Anthropology, and Social Work; Office of the President; College of Arts and Sciences; Division of Social Sciences; Center for Civic Engagement; ACE Board' Anthropology & Sociology Club; International Programs; Diversity Office; Student Activities & Multicultural Interests

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