In Turkey, the future is vague, but it is determined by birth. Turkey's militarist history is a part of Turkish citizens future. In Turkey, there is a phrase: "Every Turk is born a soldier."
29th Tehran International Short Film Festival – Special Mention Award (Tehran, Iran)
12th Kisaca Student Film Festival – Best Experimental Short Film (Konya, Turkey)
23th Ankara International Film Festival – Finalist (Ankara, Turkey)
15th La Boca Del Lobo International Short Film Festival (Madrid, Spain)
49th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival - Finalist (Antalya, Turkey)
19th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival – Finalist (Adana, Turkey)
11th Flexiff International Experimental Film Festival – Finalist (Sydney, Australia)
10th Signes de Nuit International Film Festival (Paris, France)
8th Quest Europe Uluslararası Film Festivali (Zielona Gora, Polonya)
Lugano Film Festival 2012 (Lugano, Switzerland)
8th Budapest International Short Film Festival, BUSHO (Budapest, Hungary)
Euroshorts 2012 (Poland)
4th Long Day Short International Film Festival (California, USA)
Festival Combat 2012 (France)
7th Sinemardin International Film Festival (Mardin, Turkey)
4th Ares International Film and Media Festival – Finalist (Syracuse, Italy)
Film Leben International Festival 2012 – Finalist (Ilmenau, Germany)
METU Film Fest ’12 – 2012 Official Selection (Ankara, Turkey)
5th International Video Art House Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
Eat My Shorts Short Film Festival ’12 (Dublin, Ireland)
2nd International Abled Film Festival – Finalist (Istanbul, Turkey)
4th ITU Short Film Contest – Finalist (Istanbul, Turkey)
1st Atif Yilmaz Short Film Contest – Finalist (Mersin, Turkey)
6th Balikesir Cinema Days (Balikesir, Turkey)
TISFEST 2012 (Istanbul, Turkey)
5th Inonu University Short Film Festival (Malatya, Turkey)
2nd Okan University Short Film Contest - Finalist (Istanbul, Turkey)
2nd Cesme Film Festival (Izmir, Turkey)

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