Saturday December 8th a large number of party goers, art lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at R&R for artist and Drop City contributor Ray Gordon’s second installment of the annual show properly entitled “THROTTLED”. The show consisted of 40 new works, muscle cars, drag strips, choppers, dirt bikes, and a few babes on mini bikes all brought the show to life with a fond reminiscence, or better yet deja vu. Ray’s work has always had a quality of capturing a memory as opposed to believing your seeing it for the first time.

As the crowd trickled in, and the sound of thunder from numerous motorcycles circling surrounding blocks, the mood began to find itself on the road to joy. JD Sansaver, who curated the bike show portion of the night did such an outstanding job that the majority of the crowd would find themselves in hour long conversations regarding choppers like Ryan Grossmans “Devilina chopper”, or Sean Dugan’s 1929 JD Harley Davidson that was recently ridden from NY to SF. Not to mention the margaritas from Peligroso, and beer from PBR swiftly set any unsettled nerves to rest. (thank you Peligroso and PBR)

By 9pm the crowd would reach nearly 500 people all trying to take what they could from the show, injecting opinions, criticism’s, praises, cigarette butt’s, and empty beer cans. True to form it was another great COMUNE event thanks to all the talented friends we are lucky enough to have the pleasure of knowing.

Afterwards, those lucky enough to get it in to the already raging One Eye'd Gypsy got to see an amazing performance by Drop City contributors The Abigails- the perfect ending to a perfect evening!

Special Thanks to: Ray Gordon, JD Sandsavor, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Peligroso, Biltwell, Dave and BOC, all the bike builders/owners, Patch, CW, Shawn, R&R Gallery, and everyone i forgot who contributed to such an amazing night.

Filmed and edited by Joel Woodman. Additional photography by Mike Selsky.
Music by The Abigails "Black Hell"

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