L3Library is our free tool library for Maya.

Rename Tool
Rename nodes, substring, add prefix/suffix, convert to upper/lower case and remove namespaces.

Geo Locator
Constraint transform nodes/hierarchies to meshes, nurbs surfaces and nurbs curves. 6 wave generators for regular wave and irregular noise pattern. Integrated position and rotation dynamics. Spherical and cylindrical wheel computation. Optional projection mode to find intersection on mesh or nurbs surface.

Projection Plane
Project a transform (point) onto a user definable plane. Returns intersection point and local angle value. Extensive viewport display options.

Draw annotation in Maya's modeling view using any TrueType font installed on the system. Adjust pixel size, italic, underline, bold, color, alpha and offset attributes. Multiple text lines are supported.

Decompose Matrix
Matrix decomposition into translate, rotate, scale and shear components. Output matrix built from selected components.

Floating Shelf
Dockable floating shelf window with 10 user definable subshelves.

Automated installation of L3Library and other tools like L3Deformer. Create folders, copy files, backup existing files, direct links to dependency downloads, tool version check, Maya version and 32/64 bit check.

Python Libs
Library includes our complete Python library for node/attribute handling, UI automation and many more common utility functions. These libraries are currently undocumented.

L3Library is currently available for Maya 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2013.5 Windows.

Visit lightstorm3d.com/tools to download the latest version and learn more about other tools.

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