The full length version shortlisted for the Lumen Digital Art Prize 2012.
If you would like to see the film at a larger more immersive scale than you see it here on Vimeo it is on public exhibition around the globe in 2013 as part of the Lumen 50.
Previewing in London 23rd January 2013 and then touring internationally throughout 2013.
Please visit the website for details

Never Quiet Never Still is a study of West Wittering Beach, West Suffolk England. A section of national trust protected land and Sand dunes. The film explores this environment in extreme close up with a fixed lens and short depth of field.

This short depth of field method allows a more intimate relationship with the natural environment. The background becomes less distinct allowing the foreground elements to become visible.
The work is deliberately unrehearsed. The camera discovers features in the journey in an unplanned route revealing new locations. Similar to going for a walk without a map.

The water and natural elements on the beach are constantly moving. The seas, the waves, the tides never stop. Even now at this very minute the water is working on the sand. It reminds us that even though we think we as a race and life form with our technological devices dominate everything around us, in reality nature is far more powerful and requires attention and respect. Never Quiet Never Still.

Many thanks to Moby for the soundtrack

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