Titel: Three Cheers and a Tiger - Longing on Nobody
Music: Lucas Vincent Dietrich
Original: Sophie Hunger

A multimedial dialog between photography and motion design.

This work deals with the two distinct media of two-dimensional photography and three-dimensional motion design; it aims to fuse these two contrary types of media in a multimedia project. A narrative framework is
established through the retelling and interpretation of a song. The story, which is captured in photographs, is converted into moving images. The result is a short animated video clip. The first part of the thesis discusses narrative theory and the aesthetics of photography as well “ longing“ from a psychological perspective. The second part, the documentation, illustrates various phases of the implementation of the animated video clip and justifies the technical and design decisions made in the course of the
work through references to the literature. The practical work is a sensitive story that encourages the viewer to contemplate longing by transporting him/her into another world.

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