I directed this TV commercial, in Shanghai, in 2008.
This video is not the final result (post production is not completed, as you can notice the background is not ehanced) as I never got it. Unfortunately, this often happens.
Target market was Singapore. This is the reason why the voice-over is in English and not in Chinese.
Less than 10 hours shooting in 1 day, despite the difficulties to integrate the real action with animation and previously shot footage. We had to set up the fake convenient store at the edge of a cyclorama painted in green.
Directing a kid is never an easy task, but we were careful during casting to select a smart and peacful character.
I had to input ideas to be able to match the footage delivered by Disneyland resort and our shooting. At first, client wanted the firework in the background of our characters, but all their footage were hand held, or moving. We had no time to matchsome erratic moves, therefore I suggested to shoot the face of our character from the top with some light effect reflected to mimic the firework they were looking at,
Both agency and client agreed to the idea and this was really helpful to complete this project in less than 10 hours shooting.
It was a joy to direct, but I still prefer to work as a Cinematographer or Director of Photography in tune with a good Director. I direct my own short movies because I am totally free handed and this is good for creativity. On a TVC, I more enjoy to work as a teammate dedicated to the beauty of the shot.

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