Prepare for childbirth with Nourish’s comprehensive antenatal class video. Everything you want and need to know about your upcoming labour and birth.

Nourish’s easy peasy downloadable video format means you can watch when and where you want - on your TV, tablet, smartphone or PC. There are also no limits on the number of times or the order in which you can watch, so you’re going to feel super duper prepared. Head over to to download the full length workshop now.

In this antenatal class video you will learn about:
:: How to prepare for labour
:: Induction of labour: when and why this may occur.
:: Labour signs and symptoms.
:: Stages of labour.
:: When to call the hospital and what to expect when you arrive.
:: Positions to try during labour with demo's from a real mama-to-be.
:: Labour pains and pain relief options.
:: Potential complications in labour.
:: Early days with baby.

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