introducing Magazine <B> 13th issue : Lego

About Lego:
A global toy manufacturer, Lego first started from a small carpenter's workshop in 1932.
Its signature bricks offer unlimited building possibilities and let a wealth of creative ideas emerge through play for anyone. Behind the worldwide popularity of Lego, there lies a set of meticulous calculation based on thorough knowledge in engineering.

Reference: 1:42 LEGO Harmonic Drive (
1:46 LEGO GBC Module - Folk (
1:49 LEGO Automatic Crane Loader for GBC Train (
All reference by akiyuki (Thank you, akiyuki)

Magazine Credit:

Publisher: Suyong Joh
Editor in Chief: Taehyuk Choi
Art Director: Chiho Ghim
Senior Editor: Eunsung Park
Editors: Heeyoung Yoo
Styling Editor: Insung Yoo
Filmmaker: Onedoe Jung
Original Music: Telephone by Sarah Schachner

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