Directed by
Angelo Cricchi & Simona Lianza

“Entropia” is the dramatization of a psychic cosmology, a cosmic cycle that starts from order to slowly degenerate into chaos. The chaos that followed the cancellation, the cancellation that regenerates a new cycle. Inside the unfinished and superb sports center Torvergata designed by Calatrava, the fashion line by John Malkovich is the stylistic expression that guides us in the degeneration of a closed system. One system - the sky, interpreted as a whale's belly archaic, evocative. In the cosmos alternating cycles of only four generators of life where man takes the place of the fifth sun pin of rotations. The man at the center of cosmology, protected in the womb of the mother whale, gives the presumption of being an advocate of his own destiny and distinct from the material things that surrounding him. He marks his own path guided by self determination, he rejoices in the materialisation of the desires that make him a man and placed him in the cosmos. But the desires themselves, are a trap, they put the man in confusion. Convulsive movements, the third sun is eclipsed, the entropy is maximum. In the apathetic state in which he is located, he is invested by the light of the fourth sun, he completes his journey by becoming the fifth sun, the regenerative cycle.

Director of photography
Gigi Martinucci AIC

Editing and Visual FX
Simona Lianza

Original music & sound design
Simona Lianza & Jacopo Panfili

Written by
Angelo Cricchi & Olga Nerina Lateano

Art Director
Cecilia ‘Calamity’ Gasperini

Carlotta Haver

Production Manager
Caterina Rufo

Carlotta Alesi

Fashion Coordinator
Federica Trotta

Clothes by
designed by
John Malkovich

Lamerti Lab

Hair & Make up artist
Francesca Petrangeli

Camera operator
Gigi Martinucci

Focus puller
Antonio Celeste

Data manager
Giacomo Bernasconi

Gabriele Gorga

Massimiliano Anzellotti
Daniele Anzellotti
Loris Felici

Art Director Junior
Chiara Collaro

Assistant director
Tommaso de Dona
Simone Golfieri
Claudio Apicella

Editor assistant
Lorenzo Botticelli

Executive production

Camera equipment

Shot on RED EPIC

Produced by

Special thanks to
Santiago Calatrava


Università di Tor Vergata
Comune di Roma
Catalina Giangrandi
James Barranger
Camilla Carolei
Stefano Luceri

Sponsored by

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