YCN Award Winner. Forestry Commission brief
For this project I worked with Megan Jones and George Dunkley who worked on other motion pieces and the print campaign.
The brief was to raise awareness of the outdoor activities at the Forestry Commission and convince 16 -25 year olds to attend.
After researching into our target market we decided that the best way to tackle this brief was via humorous animations that could potentially spread virally.
The concept was ’50 ways to xplore’ the idea being that we would create a series of animations each using animals from the forest and show them partaking in various activities available at the forestry commission.
Within each video there would be one clumsy character that has a series of misfortunes happening in the forest, similar to that of the squirrel from Ice Age. This would mean that there was a recognisable character for the viewer to look out for in each video which could generate a cult character following and potentially take off as merchandise and collector’s items. This could result in more visitors to the Forestry Commission sites.

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