What We See is an intimate documentary of Two Door Cinema Club on the summer 2012 European festival circuit. With a film crew of one the band are captured playing to enormous crowds in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany and France before heading to Belfast for a homecoming show and then finishing off with the Leeds festival and the performance of their lives at Reading 2012.

The time period of the film shows the band moving out of the "Tourist History" era as they begin to litter their set with more songs from their second album "Beacon". The press commitments regarding the new release, which at time of filming was 1 or 2 months away, start to kick in and the band are shown at a cross roads in their career. They discuss their epic touring life style which has consisted of roughly 300 dates a year and how that effects their lives on personal level.

The film also gives a clear and honest snippet of what life on the road for the band is like. In most parts it adheres to the time line of events that the band went through with no pre-determined beginning, middle or ending. Simply just a document of the band at a certain place at a certain time.

Directed / Edited / Filmed by Babysweet
Ttiles by Euan Clive Allardyce

Additional live footage taken from Brixton Academy filmed by Gregg Houston, Euan Allardyce, Charlie Sarsfield and Nick Light.

twitter : @mrbabysweet

Quotes :

Alex Trimble :

"We wanted to capture how weird it is, the constant traveling, meeting so many people, all the interviews and shows we do every single day, and we also wanted to capture how normal our lives are too – we all sit down for dinner together, we go for walks the three of us, we get our washing done. Those things bring the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle back down to earth."

Kevin Baird :

"Touring has become much more normal. When we first started going on tour, everything was really, really exciting and new. We would've sacrificed anything to be there. Obviously, we love going on tour and playing shows and things, but I think we've become more aware of the things we've had to give up to get to this point, and trying to not give up any more."

Alex Trimble :

"When we started touring, touring was like this all-consuming force, It just sort of took every single part of my life and touring became my life. The past few years have sort have been not necessarily a struggle, but a learning curve. So it’s learning to be in touch with the people you leave behind and learning to just deal with the ridiculousness of it all.”

The film was shot primarily on a Canon 7D with some live footage and under water shot on a GoPro hero 2. The lenses used were a Canon 1.4 50mm , Tokina f2.8 11 - 16mm and a Canon f2.8 70 - 200mm lens.

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