Frontiers North is a family-owned and operated business specializing in adventuring in Canada's north because that's where they're from and that's what they're passionate about. They inspire guests with quality nature experiences in a sustainable and responsible manner, ensuring they view and photograph the wildlife of the North as well as learn about the people of the North, their culture, history and customs.

When Frontiers North Adventures approached us to work with them to develop a series of videos, we were pumped! Being adventurers ourselves, this project was right up our alley. We set out with the question, "What makes Frontiers North Adventures unique?". It became immediately clear that it was their guides. Heralding from across Canada, the United States, and even the UK, the guides are the definition of adventurers, many of them working as rafting, climbing, hiking and skiing guides when they are not in Churchill driving Tundra Buggies. Their knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious! This video was aimed at capturing that as well as showing off one of the coolest "offices" in the world! Hope you enjoy.

Production Company: Handcraft Creative

Client: Frontiers North Adventures

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