150th Anniversary of California Statehood with Will Dunniway making collodion tintypes there. He was filmed at this event on the Capitol grounds in Sacramento by at the time a stranger named David Marson. David returned the next day with this edited video and gave it to Will as a VHS tape. So what you see is what he did for 20 years, with his old tent, dark room, back drops, etc., - he sold all of this in 2009

His specialty was wet plate collodion 'in the field' at historical events, Gold Rush, Old West, Civil War, Indians and the Indian Wars, etc.

So this is the only intact footage of what his photographic camp was.

For the most part, Will does not do re-enactments any longer. he teaches now and does special assignments for hire.

Contact: Will Dunniway at: silverandsun@me.com

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