Join me for The Familyness Photo Workshop!

Hello! I'm Davina. I'm a familyness adventurer. I'm excited to bring you The Familyness Photo Workshop.
Have you wanted to tell your family's story better? Or felt that your pictures don't look like you have a magical life? Even though you know you do? Or do you feel like you don't have an interesting story to tell?
I'm here to tell you that your life is beautiful!
There are stories everywhere in your home and family just waiting for you to see them and photograph them.
My familyness photo workshop will help you see the stories right under your nose, capture them in an awesome way, and experience more family and familyness in the process!
I believe this class will not only change the pictures you take but also change the familyness you experience for the better.
If will change your heart and your family life.
Somtimes, it's not what's happening-but how you see that makes all the difference.
People who experienced only a tiny portion of this class were transformed in only one day. Within hours of hearing my approach to photographing they were taking moving and inspiring photographs of their own stories that they had not thoguht possible.
Just that little bit changed their perspective. And some of them have even been photographers for years.
Join us for this awesome familyness photo workshop.
It's one of the best gifts you can give your family see them even more authentically and with even more love.
Class begins on January 20, 2013. In the comfort of your own home, receive your first lesson in your inbox and experience live webinar interactie experiences along the way.
Make sure to check out all of the super fun details at
Go and sign up at (when you do you'll receive a secret familyness fort code!)
We're waiting for you
See you soon!

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