With 85% of consumers relying on digital content to make their purchasing decisions. This is obviously sparked by the growth of online shopping and clearly impacts the role of the physical store in the customer journey.
Home retailers clearly need to stay focused on helping drive the buying confidence of shoppers. As today’s connected shopper prefers a more personal shopping experience, digital experiences in-store are becoming crusial to fulfill this role. Moreover, while consumers easily transcend from in-store to online shopping, there is a clear need for omnichannel retail solutions.

The Interior Inspirer created by INDG and partner Cisco IBSG. Designed to help home retailers catch and keep digital shoppers, the Interior Inspirer enables shoppers to imagine their ideal room design and find furnishings that best fit their personal style and budget.
The Interior Inspirer features a large screen that is installed near the entrance of a retailer’s home department. Shoppers personalize and design their ideal rooms with just a few clicks by using a tablet device connected to a rich and intuitive screen interface. Products of interest are stored on a personal list which can be printed or sent via email. Within the email, shoppers can use a single click to add preferred products to their basket on the retailer’s online store. When not in use, the screen displays a number of pre-styled rooms that offer shoppers inspiration on how the retailer’s products can be combined to create a unique personal style.

Because the solution is cloud-based, retailers can centrally control the content that is displayed across stores. As an additional option, the Interior Inspirer application can be integrated as an online tool on the retailer’s website.
By connecting the in-store collection of preferred products to the online basket, retailers can create an omnichannel shopping experience. This offers a consistent user experience that minimizes the risk that shoppers will be distracted by other retailers as they move between a retailer’s physical and digital channels.

- Typically, INDG’s AR app provides the following steps to drive customers to action:
- Gain inspiration through an instant, convincing experience that helps shoppers imagine how furniture will match their own interior design.
- Personalize and view a variety of product configurations within a completely styled room.
- See an overview of all products used in the room design, making the shopping experience highly convenient and efficient.

- Use a tablet device to personalize the style of featured rooms, providing sales staff with an ideal way to start a dialogue, while letting shoppers feel they are in control.
- Increase basket size by offering an extended range of products and personalization options in one place.
- Send a list of collected products should customers prefer to continue their shopping journey online. With a single click, shoppers can add all preferred products to their online basket at the retailer’s online store.
- Gain insight into shoppers’ choices, such as favorite product configurations and preferred combinations of furnishings.
- Obtain contact information for shoppers who use the tool in-store or online.

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