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All animation, compositing, editing, filming, and ideas were created by myself. Music is Add Loudness by Dirtyflint and edited near 1:30 to add to the animation. Demo Reel was put together in Adobe Premiere Pro.

0:00 - Created with Adobe After Effects.
0:07 - Images owned by Marvel. Cut comics up and were glued onto a board that was later photographed and edited in After Effects and Photoshop CS5.5.
0:17 - Created with After Effects.
0:25 - Created in Premiere Pro. Snippets from a Promo for a local club for teens.
0:51 - Created in After Effects. Photos used were public domain.
0:59 - Created in After Effects.
1:02 - Created in After Effects.
1:15 - Created in Premiere Pro.
1:21 - Created in Cinema 4D.
1:26 - Created in Cinema 4D.
1:29 - Created with RealFlow then Animated in Cinema 4D and rendered through Maxwell Render.

All clips were edited with Adobe Creative Suite 6 unless otherwise noted.

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