Superior nutrition balanced Science Diet, Now available in can.
Our mission is to convey the food's "palatability" with creative twist to
create impression amongst pet owners.
The idea is, "YUMMY FACE Maker"! A simple app that you could add a "tongue"
to your favorite pet photo to create your pet's cute YUMMY face!
While membership registration was required, we achieved over 2,500 postings in a matter of 60 days!
Many pet owners took photo of their pet dog/cat to create the "YUMMY FACE".
Owners posted their pet's cute YUMMY FACE on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.
Spreads from pet owners to other owners -- the community expands!
We have successfully spread the information of Hill's SCIENCE DIET Can's "palatability" in fun and
playful manner via exposure of lots of "YUMMY" faces.

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