This Halo 4 DLC which will give you access to Halo 4 Specialization classes not included in the original release of the game! Please note that you have to have a copy Halo 4 AND and Access to the internet to download this DLC. So to get this Halo 4 Specialization dlc code visit the following web site;

This includes ONLY the Six "Priority Alpha" Specializations. Included with this DLC code is 6 Specializations from Halo 4 that you need a code to unlock: Engineer, Tracker ,Rogue ,Stalker ,Pathfinder andPioneer

Specializations are an endgame feature in Halo 4's multiplayer which add multiple paths for the player to progress through once advancing through the standard 50 ranks. Once reaching rank 50, players will have to choose which Specialization they would like to rank through first. Each Specialization includes a total of 10 levels which must be completed before advancing through another Specialization.

As you progress through a Specialization, you will unlock the following:

Armor Mod
Armor Set – Helmet, Chest, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder
Armor Set Skin – Texture skin for Helmet, Chest, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder
Weapon Skin – Texture skin of one of the loadout weapons
4 Foreground Emblems
1 Background Emblem
1 Visor Color

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