A 7 year old dog/cat is equivalent to the human age of 45 years old.
The objective is to make pet owners aware that the age of 7 in dogs/cats
is the checkpoint timing for their pet's "body" and "meal".
The idea is "CHECK 7 Interactive check picture book".
Users conduct a 7th year health check as they enjoy the interaction with the dog/cat animation.
Having a hard time peeing when you take your pet for a walk might have suspicions of urolithiasis.
Drinking too much water may be related to liver diseases. This site sheds light to all the doubts
owners have about their pets in their daily life.
It brings awareness to owners about these slight changes their senior pet maybe experiencing,
because the pets can’t go to the clinic on their own.
This site is very helpful in making more pet owners aware of their senior aged pets.

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