Set in the late 30's, and concerns the exploits of a hapless young projectionist working in a swanky Parisian cinema. With endless passion for the magic of movies, The Projectionist thanklessly toils away the hours cutting and splicing celluloid before meticulously threading it through the whirring cogs of the projector; dancing light splashing across the screen to the delight of the audience below. But in his heart he harbours a love for a woman whose face he has gazed over hundreds of time- the Kodak film tone model. Imagining a thousand scenarios in which they meet and fall in love, The Projectionist drifts between reality and the cinema in his head where he is the hero and he always gets the girl.

Written & Directed by Lee Philipson

Reece Kallman as The Projectionist
Candice Dittmann as Lucienne Marceau
and Colin Wilkes as Monsieur Claude

Original music by Samuel Wheeler-Smith

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