The original (very rough) cut of the LaowaiFilms entry for the 2012 Beijing 48 Hour Film Project competition, which took home the Audience Award!!!

Our elements for the competition were:
Genre: Black Comedy
Character: Liu Ning, a real estate agent
Prop: Cookbook
Line of dialogue: "Where were you born?"

This entry was a bit more mainstream than our entries in previous years, though since we pulled the 'Black Comedy' genre for the second year in a row we had to keep it dark and some people had to die. Overall though, it's still safer to watch this film at the office than our previous entries!

This year marked the first year we had as many actors on the team as we had crew (usually we have a severe shortage of actors on our team), and we managed to work every single actor into the story! With three Francophone actors in the team, we managed to surpass our three previous films' use of only two languages (Chinese and English, or in the case of last year's film Chinese and Alienese) and pack in a whopping three (human) languages of dialogue for this film.

Pixomondo Beijing lended a hand again this year (they did an amazing job adding VFX to last year's entry), with an Academy award winning VFX producer (for Hugo) singlehandedly doing all the VFX on Sunday morning of the competition, and a Pixomondo intern staying up all Saturday night to get the film edited on time.

In the end we ran out of time to clean up the sound and color correct, and overall the cut is still quite rough, but it still got enough laughs and votes from the audience to win the Audience Award. Go Team LaowaiFilms!!!

Shot on the Sony FS100.

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