At first, Julie & Laurent asked us to show one of our ready-to-mount interactive installations for le Qu4tre's open doors ( With our friends from Los Patos, we visited the former industrial building in the Paris suburbs, and decided to collaborate on an in-situ interactive piece for the event.

Our idea was to turn a stairway - connecting to the parking, maybe the most unwelcoming place in the building! - into an interactive playground.
As a player, you would throw a ball in the stairs, each hit lights on a stair. Your goal is to draw the full rainbow. Beware! If you hit a stair a second time, the whole stairway will light off!

The kids and the elders had so much fun throwing balls, that we had to get the balls downstairs every 20 minutes! Our next step is to find a way to automatically bring back the balls. We're studying how Golf Practice works right now ;)

Once we find the best solution, we will install our interactive game in Montmartre ;)

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