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STAR TREK: THE EARLY YEARS chronicles the early missions of the movie Captain Pike and his first crew aboard the original USS ENTERPRISE. The series starts in 2250 eight years before the events seen in the new movie. The Enterprise crew will be the same characters that were in the first Star Trek pilot "The Cage" but they will be adapted to the new movie timeline.

STAR TREK: THE EARLY YEARS is a non-profit independent web series production.

STAR TREK is trademark and copyright Paramount & CBS. All rights reserved.

STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry

Teaser made using the following applications:

Blender - This "new old" Enterprise is based on the USS Kelvin model by Tobias Richter of The LightWorks. This and the title text was made using Blender.

Adobe After Effects - Used AE for compositing the space enviroments, lighting effects and film look(grain etc)

Adobe Premiere - Just for editing

Adobe Soundbooth - Used for most of the audio.

The music is part "To Boldy Go" from the Star Trek (2009) soundtrack and the rest i've in some way made myself

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