very little I can say about getting to be apart of big projects let alone be the person editing them. I love it, I would be lying if I said I wasnt in love with hip hop its crazy...

well to make this quick, there is a lot that makes going crazy over any edit and this one is nothing short of that, its a crazy hard song and their is very little to represent what these men are going through, its shot very street, or in a style that is considered hard or tough by todays standards. Spiff is a king at capturing imagery like this and the super 35 look of that new sony camera is a dream as to be able to get no jelly effect, ahhh, I cant wait to get a new camera.

I am big on timing similar to beat makers or audio producers or at least the ones I like, I try make my edits feel real and live, room for error ok, I can deal with error if its free, I dont think of it as error as it just needs to feel right. This shit is like a mix between fashion avant garde and early 90's late 80's battle gangster rap, which is something very few people do well. That hi how you doing this is fun, robbing people is fun, I look great while doing this and could careless about your day. Damn, but with a mix of south in there as Ross and Gunplay always strive to stay tru to.

Meek Mill is fresh on here just enjoying the spitter that he is, classic red Philly's cap is dope, I had one of those hats.. I lost during a date in a alley. dope hat nonetheless. These are some good bars in this track, wait..."play karate chop with these bricks then take a bow...", 100 million of the rip, so fuck what you talk", and the best is always at the end Gunplay with "I live on the last avenue...its a dead end so you gotta kill to fit in!" classic these are things I could only see coming from east coast influenced rap style and culture.

Back to editing, there is nothing you want to be overdone in a video like this besides the amount of edits because its not shot in a one take or long take fashion with fast jerky camera moves and no character movement you want to make the separation between reality or real-time with the performance and a fake world or commercial break or fashion statement basically the sub conscious of what is happening in the same place. I really like the colors in the video and the texture of the blacks so I decided right away no color b&w flip edits this would be all chops a few quick style edits I think I allowed reverse moves and that was about it. I like to make the rules up early if possible. It helps to make the editing process smooth as you already know the container and just need to work in that space, I push the colors a bit just to give more room for imagination, its just a wall, a kino flo, and a spot lite. and we have about 4 mins of song and the ending I was able to slow down a bit because of the intensity the call out, it was cool to just sit with them for a minute while they tell you off.

I think a lot of editing videos like this is just waiting for the right moments and being obvious when needed but keeping it moving as no one edit should fall on the beat the same way, use cuts that seem almost pointless to set up something else in the same moment almost, the setup for the edits become almost to easy to call during Gunplays verse as he is very animated and it seems I should just hold off on over editing his part, but in actuality it is almost the climax of this video by the time he hits his last bar and you take a deep breath as he pops back up and say "my money on another level". Ross is a draw and we stay steady on him, Meek is new and we slowly start swipe dj like edit then from there we are moving... song is in full swing we have to end big and over editing Gunplay only adds to the frenzy before mellowing out into the bridge and ending over credits and ads.

I like this video a lot, its fun its in your face, its street. I love the happy nature to the laughing as if we got this, but the vain directness of knowing your goal and going to get it. I often tell new artist not to feel they have to love or hate the camera, just be how you are around it when its on. I think this video very much captures a true picture of what it would be like if we walked in to a warehouse with these men and this song came on. its real.


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