Episode 2 of the World: Uncovered - series of short films where I take you to the journey around the world. My love of traveling and discovering new experiences has transformed into a dream of traveling around the whole world.

This Episode partially covers my travel in Vietnam. Wow, what a vibe this country has. From the moment I stepped out onto the streets of Hanoi, I felt incredible. I honestly loved Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, From Cu Chi Tunnels to Ha Long Bay, Hue and Hoi An.
Hanoi is really a spectacular place. From a tense urban capital in during the day to a nice relaxed fun city at night. Yes it took me couple of days to really blend in into crowds that really don't even notice you, and get a hang of how to not get myself run over. But once that is over, you feel great.
Ha Long Bay - wow. I was truly amazed with this bay. Chartered a boat out and spent a night between these great landscapes was unforgettable.
Train ride to Hue and Hoi An. Hue was more of a architectural city with its pagodas, citadel, temples and such. A lot of history and you do feel going back in time and on few rainy days I got there with less people in these places, you get a chance to really walk around alone and imagine the life of those days.
Hoi An - I called it a european city, and I think it really feels like one. Boutiques, small narrow streets, beautiful romantic river side restaurants. Very warm and welcoming city. Food is another topic and it is a real highlight of Vietnam. The taste is so unique, I had to take some cooking classes and I am glad I did. I can say that the best and most tasteful food I ever ate was in the cooking classes in Vietnam and Thailand. These are the places where you learn cultural and natural way of cooking with freshest ingredients without pre-made canned stuff.
Felt in love with Ho Chi Mihn City - very unique capital where you get a lot of chances to speak with locals that seems to all want to learn english language. Enjoyed those chances to ask about their way of life and learn people mentality.
Vietnam - what a country of contrasts. But what a beautiful and welcoming one indeed.

Used 550D with 15-85 EF and 50mm f1.8, Underwater GoPro2

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