Processing 2.0 brings a completely rewritten graphics engine which is besides the others developed by Andrés Colubri. This also brings a new functionality including brand new Processing objects as PShape and PShader.. these are first tests made on latest Processing 2 beta7. After some pain /w texturing the model the results seems pretty well. Finally there are two maps: diffuse and normal map bind to the model.

This sketch implements Perlin noise which is computed directly by GPU inside Vertex shader, this is achieved by implementing a code from "Ashima Group" researchers ( The model itself is produced by another great open-source project called MakeHuman ( Huge thanks to all developers!

The rest is just Processing fun..

Sketch is running minimally @ 60fps 1280x720 res. smoothly.. shaders are fast.

If you are interesed take a look at its "unpolished" source code @ github:

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