First test with the Metabones 'Speed Booster' prototype - Detailed information on this adapter on Philip Bloom's site.

Filmed from inside my car as it was raining and cold!. Tripod slung on the passenger seat, window open and monitor in view. Shots start along Brighton sea front on the South coast of the UK and over the Sussex Downs back home to Cuckfield.

I tried to match the frame of people in shot as I drove by. Everything is cross faded together at cut points the collide, bringing the fade to just one side allows the image to pull away from it's self. I'm sure I upset a few drivers trying to get a smooth ramp in acceleration. The nice thing about this type of observationally filming is that you can watch it many times and see different things. It's lovely when things just work. The guy on the bike clocked me in the end and saluted me, well thats what I think he did.

Graded to black and white with slights drifts of hues, but very subtle. Secondary colour and grain added using 'Film Convert' Adobe Premiere plug-in or standalone application. -

'194 grams', the weight of the Metabones adapter. I'm sure there is a movie there ;)

I really miss filming for the love of it. When you get busy with paying work it's easy to let things slide. I'm going to try and change this as I love filming of the cuff.

It’s a really quick test with the new Metabones adapter. Filmed on the Sony FS100 over cranked in camera. Single lens used, the EF Canon 17-40mm L f/4 lens. Shot at 24mm to crop out the window frame as I couldn't get the sticks any closer. I really just wanted to test to see if the adapter was usable. Other tests to follow as soon as possible. Philip has the adapter back now, and I'm sure he will shot some great tests.

I would have done more with other lenses if I have had more time, hopefully I can do this soon.

Soundtrack - 'Still Here', Kerry Muzzey Licensed through 'The Music Bed' -


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