Lead Singer : Nina Friday
Guitarist: Rick Ruiner Lappin
Bass Player: Vickie Hinz
Drummer: Michelle Donnelly

Directed and Edited, Co-Scripted: Adrean Mangiardi
Cinematography: Russell Swanson
Produced by Bobby Sheehan
Assistant Director: Mark Levin
Songwriting/Co-Scripted/Art Direction/Set Design/Sculptures:Rick Ruiner Lappin
Prop Master (St.Dunstan's)/Costuming/Hair and Make-Up: Leslie Ann Pilling
Fashion Design(St.Dunstan's): Sarah Jane Regan
Production Assistants: Ian Mulka, Kyle Resto, and Lucas Del Castillo

The Ruiner Ranch: All props were founded, created and designed by Rick Ruiner Lappin

Rented from Russell Sumner, Blue World Productions

Filmed on location at St.Dunstan's Theatre of Cranbrook and The Ruiner Ranch

Special Thanks to these two kids for being a part of the video.

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