I've been watching the development of shooting video from small remote controlled helicopters. My new GoPro Hero 3 Black edition finally shoots great HD video, so I decided it was time to get a quadcopter. The DJI Phantom is made for beginner fliers, so I ordered one.

The first flight went well. It was short, low and slow. So I excitedly grabbed my GoPro and attached it.

I did everything wrong here for only my second time EVER flying a quadcopter! Should've done lower, slower, shorter flights and built up to putting camera onboard. Also should've been in an open field. Regardless, though this shows just how rugged and tough the DJI Phantom is, as this crashed in a tree and fell almost 40 feet to the ground. It flies again, with nothing I can see wrong with it.

I'm getting better....slowly!

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