*upgraded the source MP4 for better, cleaner compression using the latest x264*

I've gotta work on my Sticky Pod setup being not quite so prone to vibrations (plus an ideal camera car, I'm guessing, has a soft suspension) but I wanted to see what some anamorphic night driving footage looked like using the Flowmotion hack on my GH2.

I'm leaving up the more "raw" version (vimeo.com/56978731 pass=raw) for comparison but this has mild sweetening added and some cheeky, 80's inspired motion graphics. Don't ask me why but for some reason I decided to do the titles in kinda-sorta German.

Camera: Panasonic GH2
Firmware Hack: Flowmotion
Profile: Smooth (-2, -2, 0, -2)
Anamorphic: Century Precision Optics 1.33X
Taking Lens: Nikkor 24mm F/2 @ F/2.8
ISO: 800
Mount: Sticky Pod (@ sunroof)
Transcode: 5DtoRGB
Editing + Finishing: Adobe Premiere CS6 and After Effects CS6 (no Film Convert on this version)
Inappropriate Camera Car Suspension: KYB AGX shocks + Tein S.Tech lowering springs

Influence: Thanks to the background song I picked the influence on the driving sections is pretty obviously N.W.R.'s awesome DRIVE. But whether it's a film like that or TAXI DRIVER or practically take your pick of any Michael Mann crime epic, night just looks cool in widescreen.

The non-driving, monopod shots are a nod to my favorite nocturnal widescreen shooter from the 1970s and 1980s, Dean Cundey. Since I was a kid the almost deserted "Witching Hour" montage of Antonio Bay for the opening of John Carpenter's classic THE FOG has been a favorite sequence of mine. It's one of my favorite openings of any film, any genre, because the night photography does such a good job of setting the mood and I see beauty in its dark frames and colorful electric pools.

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