Life is a lethal veneral disease. Depression is a modern disease. A lot of people suffer from it. It is seen as the opposite of happiness. Klaus Kinski (or Klaus Nakszynski when he still "worked" for Jodl, check his wikipedia entry please!) seemed to suffer from very many so-called mental illnesses. But I think he was also very happy.
In this parody Private Nakszynski is responsible for the Wehrmacht Schloss of Happy Depression in Romania (requisitioned of course). Depressed Parallel Untergang Universe 3rd Reich people go there. They don't necessarily cure their depression in that strange castle but they usually discover happiness.
General Jodl has "minor" problems at work like everyone else. Will the Western front be exposed? Probably. Yet Alfred is not depressed because he has recently married his young secretary Luise (google!). I have often noticed that people in happy personal relationships don't let the shit at work affect them.

I own nothing. My actions are 'fair use' and belong to the realm of very freaky humour. If you do not like/understand WW2 humour, please do not watch my videos.

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