XXYYXX-About you
Alexandre Desplait-Canis Lupus (from Fantasic mr. Fox)

In her film Angelic Pink, Vilde explores the female body and the power of the gaze. By filming herself in slow motion and showing the viewer her face over the shoulder, she is challenging the viewer with her gaze. Then the sudden screen plit, the change of music, and she starts turning away. Hides from the viewer in a voulnerable act. The film ends with a vail being thrown on her face, as a symbol of the many restrictions women have in todays society, The vail is not put on by herself but by someone else.

In my self portraitures and feminist photography, I attempt to challegne society with my photography practice, to expose the female body as it is. In todays society, feminism is not so much about being equal to man but about not being a object to society.

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