By: Calvin Dai, Mark Inouye, Jeffrey Qua, and Trevor Komori

The subject of our documentary is Hiryu Honjo, an international amateur skateboarder from Japan. He has recently moved to Vancouver to experience the west coast skateboarding scene. Our aim was to interview Hiryu and his friends in order to better understand who he is, where he comes from, and how his passion for skateboarding has affected his life and how it has led him to come to Vancouver.

Through the interviews with his friends, we can see how Hiryu’s passion for skateboarding has not only influenced himself, but also the people around him. The achievements and struggles that he has been through shows up in how determined he is when it comes to skateboarding.

We aim to explore his passion and how it drives every aspect of his life and is meant to provoke the viewer to think about their own passion and if it drives their life.

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