Buddha Maitreya the Christ explains the lower and higher qualities of each of the 7 Rays and how they relate to our Chakras either in a more elemental way which leads to more separation, suffering and social problems or in a more soulful way as an expression of the Monad, the Mind of God, that creates a unifield field of Love or God Consciousness.

The Shambhala Healing Tools are provided by Buddha Maitreya the Christ as a blessing - a transmission of his Monadic, Soul-filled Light that helps a person experience this energy of Loving Wisdom. Healing Mind, Body and Emotions as the Chakras are drawn into right alignment with the higher, virtous qualities of their corresponding Ray energy.

This video is taken from Buddha Maitreya the Christ's UK Dharshan in Septemebr 2012 - available on DVD and Bluray.

Visit Shambhalahealingtools.com or Buddhamaitreya.org to learn more.

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