I met my Dad at the PNC Arts Center in June 2008 for our annual Chicago concert. We were waiting for my Aunt and Uncle in the parking lot and Dad was, as always, blaring Chicago from his CD player with all the doors open. He smiled at me and said, "You know, I was listening to this one song, "Little One", on the way here and I thought of you and the baby, and I got all teary eyed imagining a video of pictures of you growing up and then Kaylin."

I'm GLAD I listened to my Dad, and for Christmas, I gave him just what he had asked for. I scanned in a bunch of pictures of me growing up, and then put pictures of my daughter, Kaylin, all the pictures are mostly with my Dad.

I gave him that video on Christmas Eve 2008 and he laid on his usual spot on the family room floor while we all watched it. When he got up, he had tears in his eyes and thanked me and told me, "I love you."

I didn't realize at the time just HOW much that gift would mean to me....until April 2, 2009 when he was taken from us much too suddenly.

Now this is something that means FAR more than I ever imagined, just as my Dad will ALWAYS mean to me.

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