Posted here are some random shots from my first couple of days with the Canon C100. Since I mostly shoot run and gun outdoor adventure stuff as a sole filmmaker- I was most interested in seeing how the camera worked in available light. I wanted to see how fast and easy it was to get a shot.

Having filmed the last couple of years on the 5DII and the Panasonic Af-100, I am really liking the c100. It is so easy to film with. Many of these shots (as you can tell) are hand held with a 16-35 non IS lens. Not too bad. The clarity is wonderful and the low light and dynamic range is apparent. For the Garden of the Gods shots, I was a bit sloppy with the slider. It was 1 degree outside and I was quickly trying to get the job done.

I shot most of this with a 16-35 lens. Wide DR, internal codec and light color correcting in Davinci Resolve.

The music is performed by 2Cellos.

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