My first project as an official CG Supervisor at Blur Studio. To help WB Games and NetherRealm announce their new DC Comics based fighter, we created this short (but sweet) teaser to prompt the question: what if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? In this all-out battle between superheroes, the world is completely frozen in a instant of time—a moment where violence has boiled over and could consume the meta-human community.

As supervisor I was responsible for both in-house and offsite technical and artistic direction in order to implement the director's vision. I established the piece's overall aesthetic and took care of some shading development and compositing as well. Luckily I had the privilege of working with a handful of amazingly talented artists that made my job much easier than it could've been. Full Credit List:

Creative Director: Tim Miller
CG Supervisor: Greg Kegel
Producer: Keith Luczywo
Executive Producer: Al Shier
Layout: Franck Balson
Character Modeling Lead: James Ku
Character Modeling: Nicolas Collings, Marek Denko, Eric Durante, Chris Grim, Alex Litchinko, Arda Koyuncu, Zbyněk Kysela, Gun Park
Rigging: Justin Callanan, Jeremie Passerin, Brent Wiley
Animation: William “Rocky” Vanoost
Hair Simulation : Alessandro Baldasseroini, Francisco Cortina, Alex Litchinko, Danny Young
Environments & Prop Modeling: Zack Cork, Marek Denko, Eric Durante, Peter Sanitra, Peter Wildman, Dan Woje
FX: Johanes Kurnia, Matt Radford
Lighting and Compositing: Marek Denko, Eric Durante, Paul Frieling, Don Libby, Peter Sanitra, Peter Wildman, Dan Woje
Cast: Alex Gartska, Sandra Lerga
Production Coordinator: Jean Ho
Technical and QC Supervisors: Zack Cork, Jennifer Hendrich, Brent Wiley
Concept Design: Sean McNally, Joshua Shaw, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Tom Zhao
Production Assistant: Amanda Powell
Tools and Scripts: Brendan Abel, Mike Hendricks, Greg Kegel, Douglas Lassance
Programming and Systems Administration: Duane Powell, Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell
Sound Designer: Gary Zacuto
Score Composer: Robert Cairns
Special Thanks: Heikki Anttila

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