That Car #2
Greg Phelps, Columbus, Ohio, USA
"...Because curiosity comes in all ages, shapes and sizes!"

That Car #2, a work in progress, started in 2007 after Greg donated That Car #1 to the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft. As a part of the largest community of artcars in the Midwest, "Everyday is a Parade" for That Car.

Frequently Asked Questions...
1) Why? Fun. I made you smile...
2) What kind fo glue do you use? 100% silicone (sillycone)
3) Does stuff fly off? Absolutely not, anything you see missing is a result of vandalism.
4) Do the police stop you? No, they know I'm not robbing banks.
5) Where do you get your materials? Most of the items are donated... and we wonder why our landfills are the size of mountains!
6) What else do you drive? This is my only car.
7) What do you do when it snows? I roll up my window, it is my only car.
8) How do you wash it? At a high pressure, handheld car wash... it just take slonger to rinse.
9) Whey are the dolls melted? That is damage from the sun, and the reason you should wear sunscreen.
10) How ca I see more artcars? Contact Greg Phelps,, or check out

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