Create a video art piece that explores the relationship between two or more images, emphasized by the split-screen; the crossing and intersection of orchestrated visuals as an element used to convey meaning. Sound is optional.

The Fallacy of Binary
This piece is a statement on gender expression in our society and the effects that a binary gender system has on us every day. It can be applied to anyone, but it is specifically targeted to individuals in the transgender community. We all suffer to some degree due to the pressures put on us to fulfill our expected gender roles, but it is starkly evident in the lives of transgender men and women.

The majority of the film is shown through the use of hands without revealing a face. As the film progresses, you’ll see activities that anyone might do on a daily basis, but a darker tone is set by the inner thoughts of the people as they go through the day. You’ll notice that the voices become more and more in sync as time progresses, with the last scene being in complete unison as the face is finally revealed.

An important factor to be aware of before watching: the two individuals shown are actually the same person. It might not be evident at first.

-Adrian Parhamovich

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