This film takes a close look at a photograph by the pioneer medical photographer Dr Hugh Welch Diamond.

The photograph is of a young 'insane' woman and was entitled 'melancholy passing into mania.'

Physiognomy is the assessment of a person's character or personality from her outer appearance, especially the face. Dr John Connolly the famous Victorian Psychiatrist wrote a paper about this 'science' in 1857: "The Physiognomy of insanity."

In this film the filmmaker touches on a diagnosis now in vogue: Bipolar II.

The main artistic point being made is about language and mental illness and how this may (or may not simply) translate into visual representations. Today, rather than by Victorian camera, this 'translation' is through functional MRI representations. The filmmaker questions whether this might be another category error?

Music track under common license: The Pandemic Has a Woman’s Face" by Quiet Orchestra ( you.

A tiny fragment of David Bowie's you-tube releae of "Where are we now?" is included.

Disclaimer: this film is an artistic expression by the filmmaker and could never represent the views of any organisation.

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