Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Jodie Foster Sex Montage (Play Me Now), 2008.

Digital slide show for performance backdrop at Blacktown Arts Centre.
Music: ‘La vie c’est chouette’ by Jodie Foster, 1977.

This video was screen as a backdrop for Daniel Mudie Cunningham's performance 'Jodie Foster Sex Montage'.

The video backdrop isolates still frames from a series of Foster’s onscreen sex scenes. 'Jodie Foster Sex Montage (Play Me Now!)' (2008) offers a forensic study of Foster’s gestures and expressions, juxtaposing and editing the still frames to a 15-year old Foster singing ‘La vie c’est chouette’ (Life is sweet) (1977) – an ode to carefree love and teenage crushes that alternates between English and French lyrics. Foster’s voice and body have always proved somehow awkwardly masculine for critics, and Cunningham’s video amplifies this tense relationship between her sometimes tomboy demeanour, her Lolita-esque sexualisation and our awareness of and assumptions about her real-life sexuality. To what extent Foster is the product of this cinematic styling or the projected expectations of viewers is left open-ended.

Text by José Da Silva, Senior Curator, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
(Originally published in the catalogue for Oh Industry by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, MOP Projects, 2009).

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