Dear Friends,

This wonderful video was created by amazing Monyati volunteer Arjun Pavakkulath and his company Nucleus. Arjun joined our trip to India where we organized a blanket distribution drive to help underprivileged people survive the harsh winter season in New Delhi. Delhi's proximity to the Himalayas results in cold spells during the winter. Temperatures can fall substantially down to as low as 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.

We transported 250kg of blankets in 11 suitcases from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi. Not only did Etihad Airways donate the blankets (washed first-class blankets), approve excess luggage, but they also sponsored the tickets for our five members group of colleagues and volunteers. A huge thank you to Etihad Airways for their tremendous and continuous support!

We distributed blankets and warm food parcels to three shelters that housed orphans and abandoned street children, as well as to farmers and their families, day labourers and the city’s destitute street people. Our partner organization was wonderful "Ammucare Charitable Trust". They had organized various blanket distributions in Northern India in the past and were a perfect fit for this project. Their team was instrumental for a smooth distribution to the right beneficiaries. Ammucare's team and their the kindness was overwhelming.

One specific experience I would like to share with you: for the distribution to the homeless people, we drove out in the middle of the night, packed with blankets in the car trunk and simply stopped the car whenever we saw a homeless person sleeping on the street and gently placed a blanket on that person. Some of them woke up in surprise and with as a gesture of gratitude placed their palms together. I will never forget the smile on their faces. I returned home to the UAE, humbled that one single blanket, one small act of kindness can make a difference in someone elses life!

I hope this colorful video enables you a glimpse into Monyati's work on-site. It really is a vibrant, full-filling and mind-opening experience to engage in volunteer activities! You can view more images about this project on our website ( under "completed projects" as well as our facebook page (

We continue onwards towards making small steps to change and wish you all a great year ahead!

Yours sincerely,
Monja Wolf

If you would like to reach out to Monyati Initiatives, please drop us an email to . If you are interested to produce an awesome video for your company, please reach out to Arjun on and to learn more about our wonderful partner organization Ammucare you can visit their website on

Location Details:
We distributed blankets at the Angels Home Shelter, Ummeed Boys Shelter and Kushi Girls Shelter. Our food seva was done in Gurgaon and the farming area is called Mayur Vihar.

Thank you to the many people who made this project happen. Our volunteers Maja and Arjun carried the very heavy suitcases (250kg in 11 suitcases, gulp), Luzelle ensured the smooth release and packing of blankets (a job that took weeks of preparations) and what would we do without Amelia Johnson's striking photography as well as precious Sumit, Shashank, Bharti, Ekta, Smriti, Gari, Dhritiman, Upasana from Ammucare and many more. The list would literally be too long to mention every person who made this project a success. This distribution only materialized thanks to the many beautiful souls who joined hands for this cause. You guys are the best! Thank you!

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