The emergence of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has created a stir in the higher education world, and the media coverage has been noticed by government departments.

Much of this is due to sound bites predicting the ‘end of higher education as we know it’ and predictions that they will ‘tear down the barriers to entry’.

This presentation – delivered by Professor Jeff Haywood at the British Council Services for International Education Marketing Conference 2012 – deals with questions such as:

‘What are MOOCs?’, ‘Why such a fuss?’, ‘What place will they take in higher education, further education and schools, if any?’, and ‘Should UK universities and colleges enter this new educational arena, and what benefits and risks does that entail?'

This video is for anyone with an interest in international education developments or online education. You can view and use the British Council's services for international education marketing on

Professor Jeff Haywood is Vice-Principal of The University of Edinburgh.

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