A short documentary about how Canberra influences some of it's brightest young designers and artists. This film was on display as part of the YOUNG.HOT.CANBERRA exhibition at the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra.

CAST in order of appearance:
MEGAN JACKSON (meganjackson.com.au)
PAUL KRIX (neatobjects.com.au)
TOM SKEEHAN (skeehan.com.au)
DAN ARMSTRONG & NICK ROBINSON (chiptooth.com.au)
ALISON JACKSON (alisonjackson.com.au)
CINNAMON LEE (cinnamonlee.com)
SUPERMANOUVRE (supermanoeuvre.com)

Camera and edit by Rowen Grant

Additional camera work by Erin Hinton and Jarrod Deaton


A sincere thanks to all the designers for taking part in this film at such short notice. I extend an apology to those in the exhibition who could not be included in the film due to time constraints.
- Rowen

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