This is a project I have had on my computer that I have been adding to for the last year or more. Whenever I am at the skate park and happen to have my camera I pull it out and get a few shots here and there. I love the vibe there. I love the people there. It will be a place I am sure I will miss someday. Many of the shots are mostly for me. Memories I wanted to capture. (the phone booth with no phone, the white house across the street, the drunk guys that seem to just hang out there all the time, ect.)Along with showing how much the park is used, and the talent of the kids there, I also tried to place emphasis on some of the problems with the park, such as the cracks in the ground/ramps, the screws coming out, and the fact that the park turns into a pond after it rains.

Music: Soy Sauce Sailor - Eyes Lips Eyes

Filmed with Canon XL-2 and Canon GL-2

Used a Steadytracker for the low shots and Glidetrack for the dolly shots

Edited/Color correction on Final Cut Pro

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