I was able to leave a little early on Friday afternoon and I wanted to try out my new smoker.
I grabbed couple of Boston Butts on the way home and smoked them for about four hours over mesquite wood chips and of course a heap of charcoal.

I grabbed a D2H from the office since it had an integrated intervolmeter, and set it up in the basement to shoot out the door, one frame every 30 seconds. C and I worked in the yard through the rain cutting terraces.

I checked on the meat every once in a while hitting it with some dilute apple juice and replenishing water and chips.

After four hours of smoke (and some delivery pizza) I wrapped them up and finished them in the oven, coming to rest at about 198F.

Tasty meat. FULL STOP.

Photos Eric T. Wright
Music: Porch Blues Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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