Visiting friends for New Years Eve last year gave me a good opportunity to give lens whacking on my Canon 60D another go - the fireworks meant i could get a pretty decent exposure no matter where i was.

All shot using the Nikon 50mm E-Series lens, which on a crop-sensor camera is the equivalent of an 85mm so i still had a few issues keeping the camera steady. I found cradling it the best option given the 60D's flip-out screen, and it definitely gave me more control over the lens.

I've also come fresh from watching the film 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' last night so the soundtrack was still caught in my head whilst putting this all together. Think it fits pretty well with the visuals.


MUSIC: Behn Zeitlin & Dan Romer - 'The Confrontation' & 'Once There Was A Hush Puppy' (from the 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' soundtrack)

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