Growing your data is a lot like managing a fire.

You provide a product or service which makes up the fuel.

You breathe life into the company like the oxygen a fire needs.

Your customers buy when you’re hot on the market… providing the heat needed.
The problem is that as your company grows…
So does the volume and complexity of your data….

For example…you may have Structured Data such as….
- Databases
- XML data
- Data warehouses
- Enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Or Unstructured Data such as….
- Excel spreadsheets
- Word documents
- Email messages
- RSS feeds, Audio and Video files

It doesn’t take long for you to feel the burn on your budget when your data gets out of control.

Processing big data is difficult and hiring engineers and data analysts can be very expensive…

And having your IT process the data on systems, technology and the cloud is a challenge.
You may have infrastructure costs to contend with such as…..

1. Database software and server costs
2. Database administration, management and licensing costs
3. Data Warehousing administration, management and licensing costs
4. Infrastructure planning, integration and maintenance costs

The spiraling out of control costs suggest….You need!
Hapyrus can process and analyze your data easily on the cloud environment.
Data Analysts will write SQL on Hapyrus’s web service without the need of engineers.

Resulting in a drastic reduction in engineer costs…

And freeing your data analysts so they work more effectively.

All of Hapyrus’s service is on the cloud.

1. Hapyrus – Fly Data
2. Hapyrus – Big Data Enterprise
3. Hapyrus – BI Suite

Allowing you to reduce TCO of your servers and engineers…
Maximize ROI of your big data analytics challenge!
Don’t get burned by huge amounts of data.

To learn more about Hapyrus, visit and request a demo of our
product or to contact a representative.

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